A comprehensive guide to wearing Orders and Medals

With our extensive history in manufacturing royal orders and medals, the team at ROYAL INSIGNIA have put up a simple guide for beginners. Using the Royal Brunei Orders that we have designed and manufactured, the diagrams we have illustrated explain the various ways and directions of wearing.

As most Southeast Asian orders and decorations draw heavily from the British Royal Orders, similar naming conventions and wearing styles are adopted.

Orders are to be worn on the following occasions:

Category 1

At the investiture of a member of the order.

On anniversaries of the Royal Family or any day in substitution thereof.  

On “Collar Day” or the anniversary of the creation of the order, if there is a ceremony or a banquet given in honour of the occasion. 

When commanded by the ruler on the occasion of a special function such as a wedding or official ceremony

Category 2

Semi-official function or at a large gathering of officials, a banquet given by the ruler, or at an official dinner given by a member of the State Council.