Special Commission


  • Gold Art

    To capture a slice of time in metal is to immortalise that moment. Crafted out of brass and coated in 24 karat yellow and white gold, these framed pieces of gold art serve as statement pieces for any space.

  • Arabian Gulf League Super Cup Trophy

    In the year 2018, ROYAL INSIGNIA was approached by the Arabian Gulf League to design and craft a bespoke trophy that could capture the spirit and excellence of football. Our designers drew from the UAE’s rich culture and heritage to create a trophy that was modern and uniquely Emirati.

Coffee Table Book

ROYAL INSIGNIA has been called upon to craft diplomatic gifts for royalties and head of states. The same exacting craftsmanship used on our medals is applied to the crafting of various meaningful gifts, laden with history and culture. Flip through our Coffee Table Book for more Fine Gifts by the team of skilled craftsmen and designers at ROYAL INSIGNIA. Find out more about our various manufacturing capabilities and how we are able to customise a fine gift to mark a significant moment in history.